Cervix Self-Screening

May 9, 2024

BC residents now have the option to do a cervix self-screening at home! Instead of making an appointment for a regular Pap test, you can screen yourself for HPV with a free kit. 

In this DocTalk, Dr. Jenny Muir and Dr. Ann Lin cover the basics of cervix self-screening, including how to receive a kit and what to expect. Learn about the connection between HPV and cervical cancer, the importance of screening tests, and whether self-screening is for you. 

Presented in partnership with Shared Care and the Burnaby Division of Family Practice.

DocTalks: Seniors and the COVID-19 Vaccine

DocTalks: Seniors & The COVID 19 Vaccine with Dr. Jennifer Moore

https://youtu.be/yFPZdwqL9-Y Questions asked in this video: My father is 50 above and has a single kidney by birth. Should he get the vaccine?Should seniors with chronic health diseases get AstraZenca? How important is to get vaccine for Seniors? Which vaccine is best for elders or people with health concerns? Are…

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