Burnaby Primary Care Networks Team


Erica corber
Director, Primary Care Networks & Patient Medical Homes
Burnaby Division of Family Practice

Pauline Dan
Manager, Clinical Operations, Primary Care Networks
Fraser Health Authority

Aalia Chatur
PCN Director, Clinical Operations

PCN Manager, PCN Community Engagement Manager

PCN Community Engagement Coordinator & Shared Care Project Coordinator

PCN Project Coordinator

Justin LoChang
Director, Clinical Planning, Primary Care Networks
Fraser Health Authority

Polly Kainth
Manager, Clinical Operations, Primary Care Networks
Fraser Health Authority

Veronica de Jong
PCN Manager

Georgiana Ioica
Lead, PCN Central Intake 

Medical Office Assistant

PCN Communications Officer

Steering Committee

Justin Lochang, co-chair, Director, Primary Care, FHA
Sherman Chan, co-chair, Director, Family and Settlement Services, Mosaic
Georgia Bekiou, co-chair, Executive Director, BDFP
Erica Corber, Director, PCN & PMH, BDFP
Aalia Chatur, PCN Manager, BDFP
Veronica de Jong, PCN Manager, BDFP
Andrea Creamer, PCN Manager, PCN Community Engagement Manager, BDFP
Dr. Jennifer Moore, Medical Lead)
Ron Hall, Patient Advisor
Margie Manifold, Social Planner, City of Burnaby
Theresa Guscott, Director, Clinical Operations, FHA
Leanne Appleton, Executive Director, Burnaby Hospital & Burnaby Health Services, FHA
Nandita Hill, MHSU Manager
Amritpal Kainth, PCN Manager, FHA
Pauline Dan, Clinical Operation Manager PCN and Edmonds UPCC
Dr. Baldev Sanghera, Medical Director at Edmonds UPCC, Medical Lead
Dr. Charlene Lui, Medical Lead
Ranjit Lehal, NP Integration Representative
Dr. Marvin Lemke, Medical Lead
Dr. Leo Dai, Board Chair, BDoFP
Ken Catlabuga, Operations Manger, Population and Public Health
Walid Chahine, MHSU, FHA
Dave Critchley, Director, Public Safety & Community Services