Healthy Neighbourhoods

The Burnaby Primary Care Networks is a three-way partnership (physicians, community, health authority) that builds from the work of the Local Leadership Tables at a neighbourhood level — ensuring a grassroots approach so that the Burnaby PCN is tailored to the local community.

The Burnaby Primary Care Networks is centred on health and wellness. We believe that addressing the social determinants of health are key in the development of Healthy Neighbourhoods. We have formed three Local Local Leadership Tables (LLTs) that are the foundation of how we are building Healthy Neighbourhoods in Burnaby. The three LLT’s comprise of Family Physicians and community service providers that work in collaboration and are creating two way communication regarding available medical and social supports and work to develop and determine priorities and set goals for each of the Healthy Neighbourhood communities. 

What is a Local Leadership Table?

Local Leadership Tables (LLT) plan and oversee the work of the neighbourhood PCNs. Our membership is comprised of community-based physicians, Fraser Health leaders and local community-based organizations. We work in partnership to collaboratively define the needs and opportunities within our neighbourhood, make clear recommendations to the PCN Steering Committee regarding selection and allocation of resources to support their local PCN, and ensure that our PCN plans are implemented and operate effectively.

Centres for Healthy Communities

The PCN Centre(s) for Healthy Communities (CfHC) are an important component to improving access to primary care services in Burnaby for individuals or families who do not have a Family Physician. Using a team-based approach of Primary Care Providers, patients will access resources and practitioners from Fraser Health Authority, the Burnaby Division of Family Practice, and from PCN partnered community agencies to receive improved life-long health care.

Our new Teaching and Mentoring Clinics (Incubator Clinics), will prioritize care for people who may have experienced challenges when trying to find a Family Physician such as immigrants and refugees, seniors or individuals who are isolated, children and families, people with mental health challenges, people without permanent housing or people who use substances.


Centre For Healthy Communities Campus

Edmonds Urgent and Primary Care Centre

Suite 201, 7315 Edmonds Street
Burnaby, BC, V3T 0M1

Phone: 604-519-3787
Fax: 604-519-3765

Hours of operation:
Monday to Friday: 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Saturday: 2:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Sunday: 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

The Edmonds Urgent and Primary Care Centre (UPCC) opened in September 2019 as the only Family Physician (FP) led and run UPCC in the province. Dr. Baldev Sanghera, Medical Director of the Edmonds UPCC, oversees services offered through a comprehensive interdisciplinary team to ensure patients seeking care are offered the right care by the most appropriate provider. The physician staffing model is based on a rotation of Burnaby community-based FPs taking shifts in the clinic. The staffing model also includes nursing and allied health professionals and coordination of services to support patients to prevent disease progression/escalation. The team has the capacity to provide follow up treatment and seamlessly provide care for patients without a primary care provider, The Edmonds UPCC continues to surpass Ministry of Health targets for patient encounters, providing high-quality care in an efficient environment.

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Teaching & Mentoring Clinic (Incubator Clinic)

Launching 2023!

Edmonds Local Leadership Table 

The Edmonds LLT is working to address key issues that impact newcomers, seniors, youth and homeless populations in the Edmonds area. The LLT has responsibility for all PCN activities within the Edmonds neighbourhood. 

Members: Dr. Baldev Sanghera (Family Physician), Dr. Gurpaul Brar (Family Physician), Gillian Turnbull (Progressive Housing), Susie Lew (Home and Community Health, Fraser Health Authority), Lori Smart (Public Health, Fraser Health Authority),  Gayle Beavil (Burnaby Community Schools)

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PCN Allied Health Hub

Our PCN Allied Health hub co-locates our Allied Health Teams such as Mental Health Coaches, Social Workers, and Counsellors.

Hastings-Brentwood Local Leadership Table

The Hastings-Brentwood LLT is working to provide supports and access to services for people who are homeless and underhoused, as well as connecting seniors with the care and support they need. The LLT is also working to bolster access to culturally and gender-appropriate care in the Hastings Brentwood area, as well as connect families with children of diverse abilities with supports. The LLT has responsibility for all PCN activities within the Hastings-Brentwood neighbourhood. 

Members: Dr. Jennifer Moore (Family Physician), Dr. Thomas Wu (Family Physician), Alex Munroe (Burnaby Community Services), Susie Lew (Home and Community Health, Fraser Health Authority), Lori Smart, (Public Health, Fraser Health Authority), Jaye Treit (Progressive Housing Society)

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Metrotown Urgent & Primary Care Centre

102 – 4555 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC, V5H 4V8

Phone: 604-451-4888
Fax: 604-437-0149

Hours of operation:
Open seven days a week: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Urgent Care is available on a walk-in basis, with patients seen in order of urgency.

Patients experiencing chest pains, head injuries or broken bones cannot be treated at the Centre and should always attend their local hospital’s emergency room.

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Metrotown Local Leadership Table

The Metrotown LLT is particularly focused on supporting the health and wellness of seniors and low-income residents in the Metrotown neighbourhood, addressing issues like language and cultural barriers, as well as food insecurity. The LLT has responsibility for all PCN activities within the Metrotown neighbourhood. 

Members: Dr. Marvin Lemke (Family Physician), Dr. Iram Yunis (Family Physician), Lori Smart (Public Health, Fraser Health Authority, Susie Lew (Home and Community Health, Fraser Health Authority), Sherman Chan (Family & Settlement Services, MOSAIC) and Zarghoona Wakhil (Specialized and Innovative Programs, MOSAIC), Antonia Beck (Burnaby Neighbourhood House)

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