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We are strengthening primary care by bringing together the Burnaby community, its family doctors, and Fraser Health to collectively drive city-wide health and wellbeing. 

We are physicians, clinicians, and program administrators working in collaboration and partnership with the health authority and many of the community agencies that serve people throughout the city of Burnaby; from seniors and families, to newcomers, and the City’s most vulnerable populations. We are creating multiple linkages from family practices to community agencies so that patients’ experience of health care teams not only includes doctors or health authority providers, but also their community agency providers. We are reimagining health care and integrating social supports to better care for you and your family. Need a Family Physician? CLICK HERE 

Burnaby Primary Care Networks hosts regular (weekly and bi-weekly) City-wide working groups that focus on Food Security, Youth & Teens, Families & Children, Seniors at Home, Technology, Social Isolation, Developmental Disabilities, and Homelessness. Want to know more or get involved? Email us!

What is a Primary Care Network? 

A Primary Care Network (PCN)  is a clinical network of local Primary Care Providers (PCP) located in a geographical area, with patient medical homes (PMHs) as the foundation. A Patient Medical Home (PMH) is a family practice that operates at an ideal level to provide longitudinal patient care. Primary Care Providers are healthcare professionals such as a Family Physician or a Nurse Practitioner, that help you manage your health. A long-term relationship with a PCP keeps you healthier; they can treat you when you are sick or help you access more advanced care when you need it.

The Burnaby PCN is enabled by a partnership between the Burnaby Division of Family Practice, Fraser Health, and community service providers and is based on a co-developed, comprehensive and sustainable vision for the future for PCNs to enable access to quality primary health care that effectively meets the needs of Burnaby residents and patients. Burnaby is currently implementing three PCNs based on municipally-defined neighbourhoods within the Burnaby area: Metrotown, Edmonds, and Hastings-Brentwood.  

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