Burnaby Community Resource Directory

The Burnaby Primary Care Networks, Burnaby Public Library, and Burnaby’s Shared Care project teams have compiled a list of resources and supports for you and your family. Find information on health services and resources in Burnaby, BC and beyond. Many resources offered are free or low-cost. Contact the organization, or check their website to determine service eligibility.

Children & Families

Developmental Disabilities

Financial Assistance

Food Security

Harm Reduction & Substance Use


Housing & Homelessness

Mental Health &
Social Isolation



Youth & Teens

You can view all of the compiled resources as a searchable index in the ‘Table’ tab. Or, explore a subset of the resources from Burnaby Public Library in a map of Burnaby format by clicking on the ‘Map’ tab.

Please note that the collection of resources in the ‘Table’ tab is updated periodically, with the help of our network of partners. If you would like to submit a new resource or inform us of any updates to existing resources in the table, please use the submissions form. We appreciate your help in connecting our community with available support!

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This tool was created through the work of Burnaby’s Shared Care project teams.

The Burnaby Public Library has mapped out many of the resources available to you in Burnaby! Click the map or the button below to be taken to the BPL Community Resource Map.

Community CareCommunity-based organizations, agencies or non-profits that provide programming to support health and its social determinants.
Primary CareFirst point of contact with the health care system; includes interacting with a family doctor and nurse practitioner.
Secondary CareMore specialized care from health care providers that have a specialty focus in a particular health area (e.g. oncologist, endocrinologist). Access to specialist care requires a referral from primary care.
Tertiary CareHighly specialized care provided in a hospital or dedicated care facility to support with very severe or life-threatening health conditions. Access to tertiary care requires a referral from primary or secondary care.
ReferralWhen a provider formally directs a patient to another provider or program to support with their care.
Self-ReferralWhen an individual self-directs themselves to a provider or program
Social Determinants of HealthNon-medical factors that can positively or negatively influence your health (e.g., living or working conditions, social supports, income, employment or educational opportunities, etc.).
Self-CareSelf-care is when we do things that maintain our physical and mental health. It is a tool to manage stress, lower risk of illness, and increase energy.

The below diagram provides an overview of the mental health system. The bottom tiers have more services and are needed more often than the more specialized services in the top tiers.

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