Support for People with Developmental Disabilities

The Burnaby Division of Family Practice and the Burnaby Primary Care Networks have created resources to improve experiences of medical visits for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

We have adapted resources from SurreyPlace by working with self-advocates, doctors and others. The forms will help you feel more prepared for medical visits and improve communication with your medical providers, including doctors and other clinicians.  

These forms can be used by anyone who would like to improve communication at their medical visits. This may include people with disabilities, older adults, people with complex conditions, or who experience language barriers.  

You can print the forms to complete by hand, or you can download them to fill in electronically. If you are sending the forms to your provider by email, consider password protecting the completed forms for your privacy. Please ask for help to fill the forms out if you need it.

Click on the boxes below to download the forms! 

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About My Health

Complete this form to record information about your overall health. You can indicate how health care providers can make your visit more comfotable for you. Fill out this form annually, or when major changes in your health occur.

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My Health Care Visit

Complete this form for each medical visit. Fill out the first section before you go to see the medical provider. Fill out the second section with the health care provider during the visit. Fill out the last section when you are back home.

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My Health Care Visit Tracker

Complete this form to help you keep a record of your medical visits with different health care providers. Fill it out after each health care visit. You can print or download a new copy when you have completed the sheet.

We have created three webinars in partnership with Curiko about supports for people with disabilities.

Download our Commonly Asked Questions handout for a summary of the webinar content.

Click on the boxes below to view recordings of the webinars! 

Local resources have also been gathered to better support people with disabilities. Below is a searchable database listing these resources.  

View this table on a desktop for full functionality.

Below you will find a collection of resource cards that allows you to search for key terms, and filter or sort by features. To filter, clicking on the “filter” button and add conditions for the fields of interest. You can also “sort” resources by field options.

Click the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the header to search and highlight key terms.

Click on a card to see an expanded view with more details.

To print resources, click the three dots in the table header and select “Download CSV” or “Print view.”

  • Click “Filter” to narrow down the list; for example, by organization, type of support, population, age. 
  • Click “…” to download or print the entire list 

For more detailed information about how to use the table, watch this short how-to video, embedded below.

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If you have any questions about this tool, please email [email protected]!

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Funded by Shared Care 

Produced as part of the Burnaby Division of Family Practice project, “Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD): Improving Medical Visits for Patients and Providers Across the Spectrum of Care 

Created in January 2024