DocTalks: A Conversation About AstraZeneca with Dr. Baldev Sanghera

Question answered in this video:

  • Can we take first dose of one vaccine and second dose of another vaccine?
  • Are there any other side effect of AZ other than blood clotting?
  • If you have an autoimmune disease (such as endometriosis), do you have a higher risk of problems from the AZ vaccine?
  • I was vaccinated with Pfizer 13 days ago. I was told antibodies built up over 14 days protects me from COVID. I was also told 21 days was needed to be protected from COVID?
  • Which vaccine is most effective?
  • I was also told I wouldn’t be able to get my second dose until after July 31st or 4 months later. Is this possible this might be accelerated?
  • What is the death rate of all 4 vaccines?
  • Is it normal to Have a headache for 24 hours after the first modern dose?
  • Will the boosters (all brands) address the current variants?
  • If there is blood clot as side effect, what will happen? Hospitalized? Stay home and treated with medicine (which medicine)?
  • Why does US Health Authority not approve AZ vaccine?
  • Can people choose their vaccine?
  • If somebody was positive for COVID and received a vaccine (Pfizer 1 doze) when can that person become pregnant? Is it safe to get pregnant right away or wait for the 2nd dose, and then after some period of time?
  • Is vaccine still necessary if we have antibody cells in body?