DocTalks: The COVID-10 Vaccine (Mandarin Language) with Dr. Billy Lin

Question answered in this video:

  • Will the vaccine’s effectiveness go down when the 2nd dose is 4 months away?
  • Can I have the second dose in another country (same brand)?
  • Would you please wait for the second dose? The first dose of the list has a reminder to register online.
  • If already taken 1st vaccination of Moderna, does the 2nd vaccination also needs to be Moderna or it can be other vaccination?
  • Can a mother who’s breastfeeding take vaccination? If yes, does the vaccination pass to breast milk so the baby can have some immunity?
  • Will the 3rd shot(booster) address to the variants? Or would the ingredients be same as 1st and 2nd vaccine?
  • Is there a possibility for the vaccine to be mandatory for travel purposes in future?
  • Are 1st and 2nd shot using the same ingredients?
  • Can people who take steroids and hiccup allergies get the covid-19 vaccine?
  • Can people with innate atrium defects and two-tip valve latching (but all surgically repaired) get the covid-19 vaccine?
  • What is the chance of blood clot of Johnson and Johnson? Is the risk higher or lower than AZ?
  • How many months it would take to get everyone in Canada vaccinated?