Cervix Self-Screening

May 9, 2024

BC residents now have the option to do a cervix self-screening at home! Instead of making an appointment for a regular Pap test, you can screen yourself for HPV with a free kit. 

In this DocTalk, Dr. Jenny Muir and Dr. Ann Lin cover the basics of cervix self-screening, including how to receive a kit and what to expect. Learn about the connection between HPV and cervical cancer, the importance of screening tests, and whether self-screening is for you. 

Presented in partnership with Shared Care and the Burnaby Division of Family Practice.

DocTalks: What to Do When Your Doctor Retires

A webinar with Dr. Jennifer Moore and Dr. John Rideout. Is your family doctor retiring soon? Join us for a discussion on how to make a smooth transition when your doctor or nurse practitioner is ready to leave their practice.
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