DocTalks: Families with Children: Return to School Edition with Dr. Charlene Lui

Questions answered in this video are:

  • The staff are not requested to keep social distance from the students within the same learning group. How is it safe for everyone?
  • The staff are now requested to wear masks
  • Hi, thank you for the nice discussion on the topic. I am wondering if children are developing immunity faster than adults to reduce transmission rate or are they immune to the infection itself, if so, what type of cells are involved in causing the immune response. Thank you
  • Both staff and students are not requested to wear masks nor keep social distancing in the same learning group. Is it safe? Thanks!
  • Is hand sanitizer going to be in every room? • Are school photos going to be taken at some point?
  • How are IEP being done? When?
  • In a newsletter mentions that the staff is not allowed to tell others once there’s a positive case in the school. Won’t it be too late to inform others? Thank you
  • Since outdoor learning activities are better choices, do you suggest us to have outdoor lunch in the undercover area? : )
  • Is singing still a good choice since the droplets will be able to spread farther? Thanks : )
  • Is one mask good enough for a day?
  • Do we still use paper towels to dry hands at school?