MoneyTalks: For Service Providers

Questions answered in this video are:

  • How the changes might affect somebody’s benefits?
  • What kind of provisions do you have on languages?
  • Are there any food barriers and how much one could get?
  • Has the eligibility for EI benefits changed?
  • What if someone is not eligible for interventions or work BC period?
  • Are employers looking for people more now?
  • If someone calls the Burnaby Public Library, would you point them in the right direction?
  • Do people have to wait for computers in the library or there is a lot of access to that?
  • Is the stuff in the library in a variety of languages?
  • What are the biggest concerns that you are from people?
  • How the employers are dealing with it?
  • When people come to the library, do they have to worry about something?
  • Is Work BC moving forward to work face to face?