Questions answered in this video are:

In English:

  • Can parents choose not to let their children go to school?
  • Children are less likely to pay attention to health protection. How can parents help / reduce the risk of infection in children? Can you give me some advice?
  • Could you tell me what happens when you catch a bad cold every time you get the flu vaccine?
  • If we do get the new coronavirus, what can we do to restore our health during the time of self-isolation?
  • May I ask if a child can wear a mask well, but how can I avoid the risk of infection if I have lunch at school after school?
  • If unfortunately infected and have to be isolated at home, will the doctor have the right medication?
  • After getting the new crown, there will also be the risk of re-infection, this is immune, really unsuperpted.
  • Do antibodies form when infected? There is no longer a risk of re-infection but asymptomatic or contagious, it’s worse.
  • Do we still need to have flu shot in coming winter season?
  • Can my son keep using hand sanitizer at school? can he touch the food after using the hand sanitizer if he does not have a chance to wash his hands?

In Chinese:

  • 家長可否選擇不讓孩子到學校上課
  • 小孩子比較不會注意衞生防護 家長可以怎麼樣幫助/減少小孩感染風險?可以提供一些建議嗎?謝謝 🙂
  • 请问每次打完流感疫苗都会重感冒,是怎么回事?
  • 谢谢
  • 我們若真的得到新冠病毒,在自我隔離時間,要怎麼處理才能恢復健康?
  • 请问如果小孩子可以很好地戴口罩,但是开学后如果在学校吃午餐,要怎样避免发生感染的机率?
  • 如果不幸被感染,不得不居家隔离,医生会有相应的药物治疗吗?
  • 得到新冠後也還會有再次感染的風險,這種是無法免疫的,真的防不慎防
  • 被感染后会形成抗体吗?不再有再次感染的风险 可是无症状还是会具有传染性,反而会更糟糕
  • 在即将到来的冬天, 我们还需要打流感疫苗吗?
  • 我儿子在学校能继续用洗手液吗?如果他没有机会洗手, 他使用洗手液后能触摸食物吗?