With Dr. Iram Yunus, Sangeeta Subramanian & Priyanka Patel

Questions Answered in this video:

  • Can you speak to when a person of colour, notices that other people of the same colour tend to be bunched into the same department at work?
  • Do Caucasians who are working with or are being supervised by a person of color and are experiencing racism qualify for your service?
  • Do you think racism is something that is happening more at work in recent years or are people more vigilant and/or open to talking about it?
  • How do you raise awareness to an individual who denies being racist and calls me out as being overly sensitive? Especially when this is a co-worker and these conversations kind of shape future interactions with this individual, more so on racism-related situations.
  • How about the salary discrepancies with minorities in an organization?