Allied Health Services Supporting Materials

for providers

Find and download documentation provided by Burnaby Primary Care Networks (PCN) to help Burnaby health care providers and their patients learn more about Burnaby’s resources and programs.

PCN Allied Health ServicesDownload
Information for Primary Care Providers including an Overview, Service offering, Eligibility criteria and referral information about PCN Programs

PCN Allied Health Services Referral FormDownload
Updated PDF fillable form, also available on ( Please delete previous versions.

Clinical Pharmacist Service Info SheetDownload
Information about the Primary Care Clinical Pharmacists for Primary Care Providers

Pharmacy Fun Trivia for Physicians and NPs!
Aripiprazole trivia – Download

B Well PosterDownload
Poster for display in your office

Social Work PosterDownload
Poster for display in your office

Options for Nutrition Services as an alternative to Burnaby PCNDownload
List of alternative dietitian resources available to Burnaby patients

Urgent and Primary Care Centres info sheetDownload
Poster for display in your office; can be printed and given to patients as a handout

Digital LiteracyDownload
Large poster for display; handout can be copied and given to patients

Say Hello PosterDownload
Large poster for display in your office

Children’s CharterDownload
Endorsed by your Burnaby PCN; we request that you post in your office

For more information visit the Allied Health Services page or contact Andrea Creamer, PCN Manager at [email protected].