DocTalks for Seniors in Mandarin (During the pandemic) — With Dr. Billy Lin

All the question below are answered in the video.

  • 重新開放後,老年人可以安全出門嗎?去買雜貨?去醫院?
  • 如果他們要出門,應該採取什麼步驟來保護自己?
  • 在約見的時候,,我該如何與醫生交談?我可以問問題嗎? 我可以告訴他什麼?
  • 在我的社區,,我可以如何找到醫生?
  • 新冠病毒疫苗現在是否需要八十歲老年人志願者參加接種試驗? 如果需要, 可以與誰聯絡?
  • 新冠病毒疫苗何時能夠開始在溫哥華接種?
  • 八十歲老年居民可否接種嗎?
  • 卑詩省的新冠病毒抗體檢測計畫,何時會普及到老年居民?
  • 我怎么知道来我家帮助的人是否可以安全进入?
  • 我现在可以看看我的孙子吗?
  • 我需要去看医生,但不知道该怎么去。坐公共汽车安全吗?
  • 有什么可以吃的东西或维生素可以阻止我感染病毒吗?
  • 我必须在家中说话时,如何获得足够的运动?
  • 大流行会持续多久?

Questions in English:

  • As things reopen is it safe for seniors to go outside? to go grocery shopping? to go to hospital?
  • What steps should they take for protection if they do go outside?
  • How do I talk to my Doctor during an appointment? Can I ask questions? what can I tell them when I go for an appointment?
  • Does the new Coronavirus vaccine require 80-year-old volunteers to participate in the vaccination test? If yes, who should I contact?
  • When the new Coronavirus vaccine can be available in Vancouver?
  • When will the new Coronavirus antibody testing program in BC be popularized among elderly residents?
  • How can I know if the people who come to my house to help are safe to let in?
  • Can I see my grandchildren now?
  • I need to go to my doctor but don’t know how to get there. Is it safe to take the bus?
  • Are there things that I can eat or vitamins that will stop me from getting the virus?
  • How can I get enough exercise when I have to say in my house?