December, 3, 2021

Presented by Burnaby Family Physician Dr. Ana Pesantez

In this webinar, Dr. Ana Pesantez discusses navigating health care systems in Canada and BC for newcomers.

Questions answered in this video:

  • Are Chiropractic visits covered by MSP?
  • Is midwifery service covered by MSP?
  • Walk-in clinic also carries walk in patients’ medical records and some clinics allows walk in patient to make an appointment with a specific doctor. Can they share those records or access patient histories?
  • If people can’t find an available doctor who speaks the same language as the patient, do they still need to find a family doctor?
  • What are the disadvantages of going to a walk-in clinic, even if people have a very good walk in clinic doctor?
  • Is it free to access dental and vision, and are there differences in coverage for youth and seniors above the age of 65?
  • Are general vaccinations and flu shots covered under MSP?
  • Can patient request CT or MRI results in image to consult a doctor overseas, if patients prefer to have a treatment or surgery overseas due to long wait time in Canada?