Presented by Dr. Birinder Narang and SD41 Board Chair Jen Mezei.

MONDAY, JAN. 17, 2022

Children ages 5 years and older are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Tune into this one-hour session to learn about the latest COVID-19 vaccine information for children and families.

Find Fraser Health resources related to COVID-19 immunization for kids here.

Questions answered in this video:

  • Has the vaccine ever killed any children?
  • Since there is no long term data still, is there a chance that taking the vaccine could impact a female’s reproductive system?
  • What is the difference in this mRNA vaccine for children, versus the vaccine and old…why change something that has been used longer and known outcomes are more available data on it.
  • How long has the mRNA vaccine type been in existence?
  • Do you gain better immunity after getting omicron and have only had been vaccinated twice?
  • My 8 year old had a fever and fatigue for 12 hours and then was fine the next day… we couldn’t get a test. Should I assume it was omicron?