Questions answered in this video are:

  • I would like to ask about safety of the vaccine for pregnant women. How much lead time is recommended after having had the vaccine is recommended before getting pregnant?
  • I understand that the vaccine(s) do not have any live virus, but they have not been tested on people with compromised immune systems. Is it advised for people with a compromised immune system to be immunized? And if yes, have these people been given any priority for immunization or will they be in the appropriate age grouping. (Compromised immune system due to multiple myeloma).
  • I work in a group home with 3 men with autism. They don’t really understand social distancing. I also do personal care nursing function with 1 man, so I am in close contact with him. I do wear a mask. I am 60 years old so not sure when be eligible for it by age. We have workers of different ages. A lot of group homes in B.C. with similar circumstances. Will we be able to get vaccine earlier because of our work?
  • I work as a Seniors Recreation Program Coordinator at Cameron Centre. Many of our members are calling the rec centre, and expressing anxiety about when they will be vaccinated, how they will know it’s their turn, and how they will know how to sign up and where to go. We have been reassuring them in general terms that there will be information on TV and radio about how to book an appointment when it’s their turn, and that bookings will likely be online and by phone. Since it’s a common theme, I thought I would let you know that this is something on the minds and hearts of many. So far Dr Henry and Minister Dix are being very general about lots of vaccination sites, and easy booking, but they are not answering the primary question, “How will I know when it’s my turn, and what I need to do?” I hope that this will be addressed in the webinar.
  • When & where can I get a COVID-19 vaccine?
  • Can I book an appointment at Kensington Medical Centre with a doctor on duty to get my vaccine? If I can’t book an appointment with a doctor on duty at Kensington Medical Centre can you email me the link of where I can book an appointment and or register for a vaccine?
  • Will a COVID-19 vaccine be available at Shoppers Drug Mart at the Kensington Mall? If so when?
  • Do we know yet how the vaccine rollout will look for Burnaby and do we have any idea yet as to when the vaccinations will start for seniors over 80?