Dr. Dave’s responses to the Burnaby youth’s thoughtful questions

Questions asked by youth of Burnaby:

  • How effective are masks that are not N95?
  • When do we need to wear masks / When is it most important to wear a mask?
  • When will covid be over? (I’m assuming this means when will the lockdown be over)
  • Can the virus come back after testing negative?
  • Where can I find credible sources about it?
  • What are the most common symptoms?
  • Does the weather matter?
  • How are death rates now compared to this time last year?
  • Does this virus attack only the lungs or other organs as well?
  • How long does the virus stay in the air?
  • How long does the virus live on surfaces?
  • If someone recovers from the virus, do they develop anti-bodies that other people can use
  • How is this virus worse than the common flu?
  • What can people do to stay healthy, physically and mentally?
  • What is the difference between COVID-19 and the common flu/cold?
  • Can those that recovered get the virus again?