Questions answered in this video:

In English:

  • There is no response after the injection, is it ineffective?
  • How long will the protection of the vaccine last?
  • There are different types of vaccine – will it help if I get more than one kind?
  • Is there a good time of day to get the vaccine?
  • Should I eat before I get the vaccine?
  • Can I get the vaccine when I am already sick?
  • With the lockdown I am afraid to go out to get the vaccine – is there a safe way I can get it (in my home) home health does this?
  • How bad is the flu this year?
  • If I’m isolated at home aren’t I better off to just stay there instead of getting a flu shot?
  • How do I know if I have the flu?
  • If it’s hard to et an appointment now should I just wait until later when its less busy and there are more vaccines available?
  • Are there any other drugs that help prevent the flu?
  • With everyone isolated and practicing social distancing and masks, isn’t the risk of getting the flu much lower this year?

In Mandarin:

  • 打針后什么反应都沒有,是沒效果吗?
  • 疫苗的保护期将持续多长时间?
  • 有不同类型的疫苗-如果我得到一种以上的疫苗会有所帮助吗?
  • 有一天的好时机接种疫苗吗?
  • 接种疫苗前我应该先吃吗?
  • 我已经生病时可以接种疫苗吗?
  • 锁定后,我恐怕要出去买疫苗-是否有安全的方法可以在家中获得疫苗(在家中)?
  • 今年的流感有多严重?
  • 如果我在家里与世隔绝,是不是更好地呆在那儿而不是注射流感疫苗?
  • 如何知道我是否患有流感?
  • 如果现在很难预约,我应该等到以后不那么忙碌并且有更多疫苗可用时,再等吗?
  • 还有其他有助于预防流感的药物吗?
  • 在每个人都孤立无援,社交疏远和蒙面的情况下,难道今年没有降低流感的风险吗?